Anoxia offers a total solution for responsible euthanasia. First you assess the procedures for euthanasia on your farm. The decision aid then helps you decide whether euthanization of an animal is necessary. You then euthanize the animal with full respect for both animals and humans. We can also offer training and support for you and your veterinarian.

Even under proper management, animals will fall ill or get injured. These animals will have to be euthanized in a most humane way in order to prevent further suffering. Without stress for your animals!

Most euthanizing methods put also a considerable stress on your staff. One of Anoxia’s important advantages is that staff satisfaction at your farm can be increased hugely by introducing foam technology. Staff can be trained easily, and the method can quickly be incorporated in your farm health plan with help of your vet.

In addition you’ll take an important step to improve your farm’s image and show your concern for corporate social responsibility and sustainability to critical consumers.

The Anoxia method works quickly (stunning within 15-25 seconds) and is cheaper than other permitted methods. Nitrogen is available freely in the air!

The technology is also scalable to suit farms of various sizes. The same technology allows for individual euthanizing of animals as well as of flock culling.

To sum up; better for your animals, better for your staff, better for you and your customers.

Technical Data Sheets

To access our datasheets, you can contact us:

973 260 198
629 329 319


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