Agricultural BiosafetyYour safety is your peace of mind.

We work with new solutions that provide alternatives and profitable to the needs of our customers.

We are distributors in the Spanish agricultural market of products and services destined to guarantee the biosafety of the livestock farms.


An alternative for every need
  • Sparkling

    The power of the active foam. Main advantages:

Save time
Saves effort
Save water


Masoclean basic


Very energetic foaming degreaser for the cleaning of floors, walls, machinery etc., in the food industry, as well as in slaughterhouses, farms, transport trucks, kitchens, etc.

Logic Clean XXL

Alkaline foaming cleanser with sodium hydroxide and surfactants that allows the degreasing and elimination of persistent dirt in installations, surfaces, walls and floors exposed to severe fouling.

  • Disinfectants

    Effective rotation of disinfectants. Main advantages:

Prevents adaptations
Prevents resistance
Increased profitability



Disinfectant cleaner for livestock environment. Characteristics: bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and viricidal. It does not attack any type of material and is highly effective in the presence of organic matter.


Disinfectant for the environment hook with an effectiveness against bacteria, mold and viruses that are pathogenic to animals. The product combines the advantages of phenolic compounds and glutardialdehyde, which has a high virucidal efficacy.

Oxypure Bio-5-V

High-level disinfectant, highly effective oxidant and fast acting against all types of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses … It is 100% biodegradable, so that the decomposition products are water, oxygen and acetic acid.

Tromba descarga total

Disinfectant with fungicidal and bactericidal properties, to achieve a disinfection of the ambient air, as well as the horizontal and vertical surfaces and those hidden places. It allows the elimination of 99% of the germs of the atmosphere of a fast and effective form.

  • Application equipment



Control of rodents

Against the rodents the solution is in Arvet


Arkan acts as an anesthetic, inhibiting chemical messages at the level of the central nervous system. This puts the rodent body in a general failure state. The animal dies in less than 24 hours and with a single bite of the product.


Rodenticide formulated in extruded and perforated 28g blocks with a potent anticoagulant effect that interferes with prothrombin synthesis. High resistance to humidity.


Rodenticide formulated in fresh bait, in mono-dose portions of 10g. It is powerful and fast. Thanks to its active ingredient, allowing a mortality in a relatively short space of time with a single intake.

Insect control

UAn alternative for every need
  • Fly control

    Say goodbye to flies.


Permanent IGR

Permanent IGR
High yield residual insecticide with ovicidal activity, larvicide and adulticide.
It has shown great results in pests such as red mite, beetles, flea, tick, mosquito, fly, etc.

Resguard® CT 2.6

Resguard® CT 2.6
Ready-to-use insecticide specially designed for the control of flies in livestock facilities based on CLOTIANIDINA (new generation insecticide with a fast and great activity by ingestion and contact), and the incorporation of sex pheromones and other attractants.


Ready-to-use granulated insecticide for fly control in livestock accommodation. Because of its characteristics, it is a perfect complement to be used as part of an integrated fly control management program.


Ready-to-use granulated larvicide insecticide, which is specially formulated to eliminate and control larvae of different species of flies, as well as other insects that develop in manure, manure and other livestock decomposition wastes.

Alfαmite polvo insecticida

Alfαmite polvo insecticida
It is applied in dusting especially for the control of harmful insects in the livestock and zoo-sanitary environment, such as ticks, fleas, ants, diptera larvae, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Application of fast effect, long persistence and good effectiveness in dirty environments.

  • Control Alphitobius diaperinus

    Alphitobius diaperinus, Is also known as manure beetle. It is currently a globally distributed pest affecting poultry farms and grain stores around the world.

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