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We are distributors of Import-Vet S.A. dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and commercialization of products for livestock and veterinary material.

Its R & D department is constantly working on the development of new techniques related to reproduction (pioneers worldwide in the development and implementation of deep insemination technique in pigs), design of specific ultrasounds for veterinary use, development of new products and continuous improvement in the quality of existing equipment.


  • Swine Insemination

 1. Soft & Quick

The MULTIDOSIS system is the ideal complement to the Soft & Quick® postcervical insemination technique, offering more and better features such as: better preservation of the semen and better adjustment of the seminal dose allowing various volumes (30,45 and 60 ml).
Main advantages:
More economical and profitable
More hygienic
Facilitates handling

Video: Postcervical insemination Soft & Quick in work routine

 2. Supplies

Tub L.A. de 30-40-95 mm
Botella de 80-100 mm
Blister - Strong bag 40-70-95 ml
Tipos diversos de cánulas
  • Insemination

 1. Curved cannulas

 2. Single dose cannulas

Cánulas monodosis
Cánulas monodosis
  • Laboratory
Nevera conservación semen


Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Portable ultrasound scanner that produces images using high frequency sound waves, with multiple applications such as abdominal, gynecological, soft tissue and musculoskeletal, vascular studies…

Main advantages:

Portable with multiple diagnostic applications
Durable and water resistant
Compact size and light weight
High autonomy between loads


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Technical Data Sheets

To access our datasheets, you can contact us:

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