Identification systemTechnological innovation

All our identification systems are adapted to the needs of each farm.

We are official dealers of Merko’s tags (Allflex Group) and Arvet’s Trolley for piglets processing.

Chariot Car

The Arvet’s trolley is fully electric and modular.
Main advantages:

Reduction of working time
Better precision in the dosage and reduction of medication cost
Improved healing by reducing trauma, cauterizing the tail and not using needles
Easy cleaning and maintenance of the car after use
Configurable to the needs and dimensions of the farm

Carro de parideras

Video: Trolley rover in Granja San Lamberto (Porcinews)

Pig tags

We are distributors of  of the Allflex group, a world leader in animal identification, with factories strategically located in five different countries: France, Brazil, Poland, China and Argentina, responsible for the production of thousands of identifiers every day.

M2: 24x24 mm
M3: 30x30 mm
M6: 27 mm
M9: 50 x43 mm
M14: 70x62 mm
  • Electronics
Crótalo electrónico
  • Felco

    Electronic tag

Tenaza eléctrica para colocación de crotales

Placing a tag with Felco

Technical Data Sheets

To access our datasheets, you can contact us:

973 260 198
629 329 319


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