Water treatmentEffective and profitable

Water fulfills a series of functions very important for the organism that make it an indispensable food for the animal.

It is very important that the drinking water of the animals is potable and of sufficient quality and quantity so that the yield of the exploitation is optimal.

Cleaning of pipelines

  • Cleaning

    Cleaner ALK – Non-foaming cleanser for pipes and installations
    Acix Vet pH H3PO4 – Acidification of drinking water and cleaning of pipes.

  • Disinfectant

    Sanigen GR – Disinfectant for installations and surfaces

  • Detergents

    Logic Clean XXL – Alkaline sparkling cleaner for general facilities cleaning
    Detergente Ácido – Acid foaming agent for the cleaning of installations that removes calcareous incrustations

  • Equipment

Water purificationDioxVet (Clo2)

Disinfectant to eliminate and prevent BIOFILM

An economically formulated product to eliminate and prevent the formation of biofilm in water pipes and reservoirs, and to keep water quality under control. Products:

  • DioxVet estable (Small consumption)

    Disinfection of drinking water and final disinfection in the cleaning of pipes.

  • Big DioxVet, Generator in-situ (large consumption)
  • AcixVet, complement

Main advantages:

Non-corrosive, does not contain chlorite
Controls the growth of algae.
99,9% Of pure and stable chlorine dioxide
Environmentally friendly product

Medication equipment

We have a great variety of medication equipment. For more information you can contact our team.

Algae mitigation

DUMO algacleaner

Ultrasonic equipment that solves problems related to algae in irrigation ponds or ponds, lakes and ponds. The mitigation and inhibition of algae proliferation by ultrasound avoids the use of chemicals. It treats, therefore, of a clean technology and respectful with the environingingment.

Technical Data Sheets

To access our datasheets, you can contact us:

973 260 198
629 329 319


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